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Gavin Kaysen


“Cooking is very emotional for me; I have to cook how I feel. There’s something to be said for how you feel emotionally as one season gives way to the next, when it snows, rains, or is sunny. I never thought about that growing up here, but coming back, I see that now.”

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Christopher Nye


“The better the product we can get, the easier it is to make something delicious. All that’s required is that we don’t over-fabricate things or strip them of their natural characteristics. In turn, we create food that is expressive of Minneapolis because it’s grown right here and made nowhere else.”

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Diane Yang


“I think simple is good. Once in a while, I’ll go all out and do something gorgeous, but I mostly like to stick with the well-executed simple items that comfort people and entice them to come back for more.”

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Robb Jones


“I want to familiarize people with classics. We’re doing variations that change not so much seasonally, but rather with what we want to showcase. Something familiar, but a perfect version.”

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