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Embracing Our Community

The dinner table has always been a place to indulge in conversation, good company, as well as good food. At Spoon and Stable, we strive to provide you with this experience by selecting fresh ingredients from our local farmers to ensure quality and taste, from farm to plate. Our being based in Minneapolis means we have access to a vast number of nearby farms, making most of our menu locally grown in or near Minnesota.

Photo supplied by Tangletown
Photo supplied by Tangletown


Tangletown Gardens, home to heritage pigs, cows, and other livestock as well as an abundance of fruits and vegetables, is located in Plato, MN, and was created 14 years ago from an abandoned 1939 Pure Oil station. When the recession began to take its toll on the cost of living, Scott Endres and Dean Engelmann–the creators, farmers, and owners of Tangletown–realized that people were searching for low-price, high-quality food. This realization spurred their idea for expansion. The two of them grew up on farms and wanted to go back to their roots and use the experience and knowledge from their childhood. Scott and Dean, who both have a degree in Horticulture from the University of Minnesota, believed in the importance of creating a place where they could completely control the process of the growth of their plants and animals, and this mission is what attracted us to them. They allow their livestock to roam the land, which helps replenish the soils and makes for both healthier plants and healthier animals; and they strive to provide well-nourished, diversified plants. Like Spoon and Stable, Tangletown pays close attention to detail, the principles and elements of design, and the importance of the senses – sight, texture, and smell. These aspects mirror those that Chef Gavin keeps in mind when creating new dishes for the seasonal menus.



Photo provided by Peterson Farms

Peterson Limousin Beef

Peterson Farm, located in the St. Croix Valley (about 3 miles east of the river), has been run by the Peterson family since 1973. Their first purchase happened to be a Limousin calves, and after watching them grow and realizing how efficient this breed was due to their size and muscle yield, the Peterson family began to focus solely on the Limousin breed. The cattle are raised on pasture plus hormone-free food and are treated with care to ensure the best tasting flavors will be produced. Similar to Tangletown Farms, the Peterson’s farm is sustainability-minded, with a focus on crop rotation and using the cows to recycle carbon and nitrogen. Giving the cattle the best possible care ultimately means achieving the best possible flavor. Once the carcasses have gone through their 3-week dry aging process, the Peterson’s discuss with their customers about custom-cut orders then deliver the product. It is important for us at Spoon and Stable to know exactly where our meat comes from and how it is raised up until we place it in front of the guest, which is why we trust Peterson to deliver the best-quality meat to our restaurant.


Photo supplied by Wild Acres Processing
Photo supplied by Wild Acres Processing

Wild Acres Processing

Wild Acres Processing is located in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. With 500 acres and a variety of terrain, Wild Acres provides a place for ducks, wild turkeys, pheasants, and quails to roam freely. Pat Ebnet and his family have specialized in outdoor-raised domestic poultry and wild game birds since 1978. All of the poultry is raised from the “egg up,” which is a 30-week process for every type of bird raised on the farm. The staff closely monitors the birds’ growth, care, and feed, while striving to remain as eco-friendly as possible. Wild Acres is determined to consistently provide high-quality poultry to their clients, which includes many restaurants in the Twin Cities, including us at Spoon and Stable.