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Join us for a livestream cooking class with Chef Gavin Kaysen as he walks you through making some of his favorite simple meals at home. We’ll send you an ingredient list and recipe before the live experience so you can cook along with us or prepare your meal after watching the class. You’ll have the opportunity to ask Gavin questions throughout this engaging hour long event so that you’re set up for success when mastering the dish yourself. Our virtual classes are perfect for the home cook who is looking for a fun and inspiring night in the kitchen.

Late to the dinner table or miss a step?
That’s okay! Once the live experience has ended you will be sent a recorded version to watch as many times as you’d like.

I purchased tickets for my group… now what?

  1. Send a list of your participants to
    10 tickets = 10 participants – or one ticket per household
    If your list is 10+ please send in the form of an Excel Doc or Google Sheet
  2. Scroll down to see the recipe and directions in your order confirmation email
  3. Get ready to receive a Zoom invitation to join the virtual class on the day before the event
  4. Tune in live or wait and receive a recorded video of the class afterward



Making fresh pasta from scratch at home is easier than it sounds! In this hour-long class, Chef Gavin will walk you through the steps of making a simple ricotta-based pasta dough that we’ll turn into one of our favorite pasta shapes: cavatelli. This is a great class to invite your kids into! Seasonal vegetables and a simple sauce make this dish perfect for a weeknight dinner or as an impressive side dish on your Thanksgiving table.

There are two ways to prepare for this class if you want to cook along with us. You can do the grocery shopping on your own or purchase a mise en place kit from us! It will come with everything you need to follow along, we have a limited quantity of these kits available. You will receive a recipe, ingredient list and a link to join us before the class begins.

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